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DB Progetti s.r.l.

DB Progetti is manufacturer of quick opening closures. The opening / closing system of the model DB Clamplock consists in a couple of clamps (or ties) machined to allow the perfect connection of the cover to the body, in order to share the pressure load over the entire circumference of the closure. The QOC is […]

Emmerthaler Apparatebau GmbH

Emmerthaler Apparatebau is manufacturer of industrial piping, pressure vessels, filter vessels, cyclone separators, pressure silencers, pump units, compressor units

AEL Apparatebau GmbH Leisnig

AEL Apparatebau GmbH Leisnig is manufacturer of shell and tube heat exchangers, packages and pressure equipment (oil supply, condensation, water cooling, Nox injection,)

Gerd Lannewehr

Calculations/preliminary costings in accordance with the following design codes:AD 2000, ASME VIII Div. 1/Div. 2, EN-13445, EN 1591, PD5500, TEMA;Using software:ANSYS, Compress, DIMy, FE-Pipe, Nozzle Pro, PV Elite;