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IRB Industrie-Rohrbau GmbH

IRB Rohrbau is PED manufacturer of industrial pipings, plant installation with appropriate welding technology for piping of steel and stainless steels;Isometrics and piping engineering for boiler conversions and refurbishments with qualified welders for repair and revision service.

Lauterbach Verfahrenstechnik GmbH 

Lauterbach Verfahrenstechnik supplied Software & Engineering for Pressure Vessel Design and Heat Exchanger Design; Process engineering calculations and strength designs according to AD 2000, EN 13445, EN 1591, ASME VIII, Eurocode and much more in one common interface.


KASAG Swiss is manufacturer of columns, apparatus, pressure vessels and reactors with jacket, half-pipe coils for heating and cooling, heat exchangers. Also design, engineering, and manufacturing of welded versions of high-pressure apparatuses and high-pressure autoclaves.

Emmerthaler Apparatebau GmbH

Emmerthaler Apparatebau is manufacturer of industrial piping, pressure vessels, filter vessels, cyclone separators, pressure silencers, pump units, compressor units

Glaunach GmbH

Glaunach GmbH manufacture of diffuser silencer for any vent OR blow-down application and silencers for noise control in closed systems. Inline Silencer, Diffuser Vent Silencer, Absorbing Vent Silencer Applications: Steam, Natural Gas, Hydrogen Gas, Nitrogen Gas, Air, Organic Gas

Maasch & Kirsch GmbH & Co.KG

Maasch Kirsch products are used worldwide and are highly recognized in well-known companies of the chemical and process engineering industry, mechanical engineering and the pharmaceutical industry.

Kelvion GmbH

Kelvion supply pressure vessels and heat exchangers of all sizes for numerous industries: for heating and evaporation, for cooling and condensing, and for heat recovery.Our success lies in the variety of nearly 100 different plain and finned tube systems with which we are able to realize solutions for different tasks.

FERRO Industrieanlagen GmbH

FERRO Industrieanlagen manufacture heat exchangers, special apparatus and WHG sumps and storage tanks according to EN 12285-2, EN 6618, EN 6601 made of stainless steel, steel and special materials;

AEL Apparatebau GmbH Leisnig

AEL Apparatebau GmbH Leisnig is manufacturer of shell and tube heat exchangers, packages and pressure equipment (oil supply, condensation, water cooling, Nox injection,)