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ARMATURY Group a.s.

ARMATURY is manufacturer of gate valves up to DN 2000 in carbon steel, alloy steel, carbon steel for low temperatures and stainless steels. The gate types are deliverable an outside-screw-and-yoke, with flexible or solid wedge, rising or non-rising stem or in forging material body into which a flexible wedge is inserted through the yoke-type bonnet […]

Georg Schünemann GmbH

SAB filters are installed in numerous industrial and maritime applications like water treatment, industrial plants, refineries or power plants. The filtration down to low microns protects the downstream equipment from particles, fouling and other damages. Single and duplex filters up to DN 300

Hering AG

HERING is manufacturer of shell and tube heat exchangers and turnkey systems in defined fields of application and is a globally recognized specialist for specific thermal transfer applications and produces custom heat exchangers for international markets.

Barlage GmbH

Barlage is manufacturer of columns , pressure vessels, heat exchangers, columns, reactors, absorbers Manufacture of components for power plant construction, the chemical industry or the gas and oil industry, equipment for the aviation, aerospace or shipping industry, agricultural technology or the fields of mining and pipelines.

IRB Industrie-Rohrbau GmbH

IRB Rohrbau is PED manufacturer of industrial pipings, plant installation with appropriate welding technology for piping of steel and stainless steels;Isometrics and piping engineering for boiler conversions and refurbishments with qualified welders for repair and revision service.

Zimmerlin GmbH

Zimmerman is manufacturer of closures and accessories for various application as entry, filling and/or inspection openings

Mankenberg GmbH

Mankenberg produce self-actuated pressure and level control valves. Valves are just as suitable for acids, brine and water as for gases, for ex. N2 or CO2, as well as for all kinds of steam such as saturated steam, clean or pure steam up to 190 °C.


BOLZ INTEC manufacture round products such as  stainless steel drums, pressure vessels of differing volumes, transport containers and agitator vessels