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COES S.r.l.

Coes lubrication unit like oil systems, oil-type shaft-sealing systems, oil-control systems for industrial rotating machines.The activity of COES is based on the production of auxiliary skids. Mainly for industrial rotating machines like compressors, pumps, turbines and generators with special focus on Oil/water Systems, Air/Gas Dryers, and Heat Exchangers.We build our expertise on management of the […]

Vessco Engineering Ltd

Vessco Engineering assembled skid units include mechanical and electrical equipment such as: High and low pressure pipe work and compressor skids. Our vessels and heat exchangers can be skid mounted and are used in a variety of systems, including Compressor skids, Oil & gas metering.

Wessel GmbH

Wessel Xanten is a boiler construction company with competence in boiler and apparatus construction in planning, manufacturing and assembly Manufacture components in the sectors of environment, power engineering and waste heat utilisation. Components for coal-to-gas plants Components for utility steam generators Spare boiler parts

Flovex S.r.l.

Flovex manufactured standard heat exchangers and special heat exchangers for industrial applications. We are able to make all the TEMA type construction, in single or duplex unit configuration.

CHEMA Prozeß- und Systemtechnik GmbH

CHEMA GmbH is a manufacturer of columns and other heavy and large pressure equipments. CHEMA manufacturing department is specialized in realizing your expectations of quality and reliability as well as in complying with the requirements of international standards for pressure equipment.

Hering AG

HERING is manufacturer of shell and tube heat exchangers and turnkey systems in defined fields of application and is a globally recognized specialist for specific thermal transfer applications and produces custom heat exchangers for international markets.

NESS Wärmetechnik GmbH

NESS Heating Systems for process heat plants: Oil heater, fired heaters, Heating and Cooling Systems and Steam systems / Hot water systems. The electric thermal oil heater is a real alternative to fired heaters and, in addition to continuous operation, it is also suitable for bridging peak loads and during retrofits to the system.

Barlage GmbH

Barlage is manufacturer of columns , pressure vessels, heat exchangers, columns, reactors, absorbers Manufacture of components for power plant construction, the chemical industry or the gas and oil industry, equipment for the aviation, aerospace or shipping industry, agricultural technology or the fields of mining and pipelines.