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ARMATURY Group a.s.

ARMATURY is manufacturer of gate valves up to DN 2000 in carbon steel, alloy steel, carbon steel for low temperatures and stainless steels. The gate types are deliverable an outside-screw-and-yoke, with flexible or solid wedge, rising or non-rising stem or in forging material body into which a flexible wedge is inserted through the yoke-type bonnet […]

Flovex S.r.l.

Flovex manufactured standard heat exchangers and special heat exchangers for industrial applications. We are able to make all the TEMA type construction, in single or duplex unit configuration.

armacon GmbH

Armacon manufacture standard and special valves for Petroleum/Gas and Chemistry, the production, proccesing and distribution of water and the production, distribution and cooling of energy and water vapor, conveying and production of special valves, and the distribution of solid materials.

Crotti Valvole Srl

Crotti valves are made of different materials, including customized ones, offering an advantageous cost. Technical upgrading and constant staff training are the basis of our fast and efficient industrial production, planned in compliance with PED, ATEX, API 6D, Fire Safe and Fugitive Emission Test standards.

VALVEA s.r.o.

VALVEA is a valve manufacturer for control valves and shut off valves. Due to the wide range of materials and various designs, the available range of products allows their application in the field of metering and regulation, mainly in the following sectors: Petrochemicals and chemicals, pharmacy, power engineering, Industrial gases, metallurgy, food industry.

Standardkessel Baumgarte GmbH

Standardkessel Baumgarte supply Turn-Key Power plants and components for industrial and municipal energy supply. Our technologies and processes, can design the energy supply efficiently and sustainably. The process know-how includes energy from waste, biomass and sewage sludge utilisation plants, gas and steam turbine processes, combined heat and power solutions and process engineering concepts for exhaust […]

Kelvion GmbH

Kelvion supply pressure vessels and heat exchangers of all sizes for numerous industries: for heating and evaporation, for cooling and condensing, and for heat recovery.Our success lies in the variety of nearly 100 different plain and finned tube systems with which we are able to realize solutions for different tasks.