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We design and manufacture high quality fittings and accessories, from small to medium series, for pharmaceutical, chemical and food installations.Our speciality of stainless steel fittings in connection standards: SMS 1145, DIN 11851, DIN 2353, DIN 32676, DIN 11864, IDF (ISO 2853), Macon , RJT (BS 4825);

DB Progetti s.r.l.

DB Progetti is manufacturer of quick opening closures. The opening / closing system of the model DB Clamplock consists in a couple of clamps (or ties) machined to allow the perfect connection of the cover to the body, in order to share the pressure load over the entire circumference of the closure. The QOC is […]

Bernecker Rohrbefestigungstechnik GmbH

Bernecker manufacture sliding supports of modular system can be used as sliding supports, guiding supports pipe clamps, anchor supports, pre-insulated supports up to DN 800 in any materials.

COES S.r.l.

Coes lubrication unit like oil systems, oil-type shaft-sealing systems, oil-control systems for industrial rotating machines.The activity of COES is based on the production of auxiliary skids. Mainly for industrial rotating machines like compressors, pumps, turbines and generators with special focus on Oil/water Systems, Air/Gas Dryers, and Heat Exchangers.We build our expertise on management of the […]

ARMATURY Group a.s.

ARMATURY is manufacturer of gate valves up to DN 2000 in carbon steel, alloy steel, carbon steel for low temperatures and stainless steels. The gate types are deliverable an outside-screw-and-yoke, with flexible or solid wedge, rising or non-rising stem or in forging material body into which a flexible wedge is inserted through the yoke-type bonnet […]

Georg Schünemann GmbH

SAB filters are installed in numerous industrial and maritime applications like water treatment, industrial plants, refineries or power plants. The filtration down to low microns protects the downstream equipment from particles, fouling and other damages. Single and duplex filters up to DN 300


MARLIA Ingenieros is a company that supplies regulators, loading arms, instrumentation,manholes, valves, and level indicators for the oil and gas, LPG, industrial gases and cryogenic markets.

Vessco Engineering Ltd

Vessco Engineering assembled skid units include mechanical and electrical equipment such as: High and low pressure pipe work and compressor skids. Our vessels and heat exchangers can be skid mounted and are used in a variety of systems, including Compressor skids, Oil & gas metering.

Wessel GmbH

Wessel Xanten is a boiler construction company with competence in boiler and apparatus construction in planning, manufacturing and assembly Manufacture components in the sectors of environment, power engineering and waste heat utilisation. Components for coal-to-gas plants Components for utility steam generators Spare boiler parts