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EN 13445-1: harmonised current status

EN 13445-1 status as harmonised is important for the application for pressure equipment design in accordance with PED.

EN 13445-1 is a harmonised standard in acc. to the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) and contains general requirements for unfired pressure vessels.

EN 13445-1 defines the terms, definitions, quantities, symbols and units that are used throughout the EN 13445 series and gives general information on the design and manufacturing of vessels under this standard. It also contains instructions on how to use the standard (Annex A) as well as an index which covers the whole standard (Annex B). This information is aimed to aid users of the EN 13445 series. This document applies to unfired pressure vessels with a maximum allowable pressure greater than 0,5 bar gauge but may be used for vessels operating at lower pressures, including vacuum.

EN 13445-1 can be applied to the following pressure vessels, provided that account is taken of additional and/or alternative requirements resulting from the hazard analysis and from rules or instructions specific for:

  • transportable vessels;
  • items specifically designed for nuclear use;
  • pressure vessels with a risk of overheating.

Presumption of conformity

Pressure equipment or assemblies which are in conformity with harmonised standards or parts thereof the references of which have been published in the Official Journal of the European Union shall be presumed to be in conformity with the essential safety requirements covered by those standards or parts thereof, referred to in Annex I of PED.

Harmonised current status of EN 13445-1

The table show the current harmonised status of the harmonised standard:

Title of standardDate of end of presumption of conformity the replaced standardDate of start of presumption of conformity the new standards
EN 13445-1:2014/A1:2014EN 13445-1:2021Unfired pressure vessels – Part 1: GeneralJun. 21, 2023Dec. 21, 2021
Table: Harmonised current status of standard EN 13445-1

Major changes of EN 13445-1:2021

  • Editorial revisions;
  • Section 2 “Normative references” was revised;
  • Section 3 “Terms” has been revised;
  • Annex B “Index” has been revised;
  • Annex X “List of essential safety requirements”.

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