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We design and manufacture high quality fittings and accessories, from small to medium series, for pharmaceutical, chemical and food installations.Our speciality of stainless steel fittings in connection standards: SMS 1145, DIN 11851, DIN 2353, DIN 32676, DIN 11864, IDF (ISO 2853), Macon , RJT (BS 4825); CNC machining of stainless steel for the production of […]

Hering AG

HERING is manufacturer of shell and tube heat exchangers and turnkey systems in defined fields of application and is a globally recognized specialist for specific thermal transfer applications and produces custom heat exchangers for international markets.

VALVEA s.r.o.

VALVEA is a valve manufacturer for control valves and shut off valves. Due to the wide range of materials and various designs, the available range of products allows their application in the field of metering and regulation, mainly in the following sectors: Petrochemicals and chemicals, pharmacy, power engineering, Industrial gases, metallurgy, food industry.

Mankenberg GmbH

Mankenberg produce self-actuated pressure and level control valves. Valves are just as suitable for acids, brine and water as for gases, for ex. N2 or CO2, as well as for all kinds of steam such as saturated steam, clean or pure steam up to 190 °C.


KASAG Swiss is manufacturer of columns, apparatus, pressure vessels and reactors with jacket, half-pipe coils for heating and cooling, heat exchangers. Also design, engineering, and manufacturing of welded versions of high-pressure apparatuses and high-pressure autoclaves.

APROVIS Energy Systems GmbH

APROVIS standard products from our wide range or let us plan and design your entire exhaust gas section, gas treatment solution or special application – from the individual components to the controller. Products: Heat exchanger, steam condenser, steam generators

IGEFA WEINBRENNER Energie Solutions GmbH


IGEFA WEINBRENNER is manufacturer of heat and process engineering products we know how significant efficient and economical plants for heat transmission are and will continue to be in a future-oriented industry.

Werkstätten GmbH

Werkstätten GmbH experience and technical equipment, we are able to meet the challenges in apparatus and tank construction. The fact that we are allowed to develop suitable solutions for a wide variety of industrial sectors, from chemicals to foodstuffs to energy technology

Kelvion GmbH

Kelvion supply pressure vessels and heat exchangers of all sizes for numerous industries: for heating and evaporation, for cooling and condensing, and for heat recovery.Our success lies in the variety of nearly 100 different plain and finned tube systems with which we are able to realize solutions for different tasks.