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ISO/TR 15608 Material Group 24.1

Material Group 24.1 ISO/TR 15608: Aluminium-silicon (Al-Si alloy) cast alloys with 5 % < Si ≤ 15 % and Cu ≤ 1 %

Features of Al-Si alloys

Among the different aluminium alloy alloys, the most used is the Aluminium-Silicon
(Al-Si) alloy with Si concentrations in the range of 5 to 15 wt.%. Si increases the fluidity of the molten metal, therefore improving the castability. Increased tensile strength, good corrosion resistance, good weldability as well as machinability are also results of alloying with Si. The addition of Cu gives a better machinability and increases strength at temperature.

Aluminium-silicon-castings alloys with magnesium:  see Group 24.2

EN AC-AISi9EN AC-44400EN 1706Castings
EN AC-AISi12EN AC-44100EN 1706Castings
ASTM B-26CastingA24430
Table: Typical materials