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Fired Steam/Hot water Generator (Boiler)

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PED Category Calculator

Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU

Table 5

Type of Pressure Equipment:
Fluid Group:
Fired Steam/Hot Water Generator (Boiler)
(Water)-Steam or Hot Water (TS >110°C)
(Water)-Steam or Hot Water (TS>110°C) : Means steam and super-heated water(Hot water) generated by a fired heated steam boiler. Fired or otherwise heated equipments that us fluid other than water does not cover by table 5, such as oil heaters, heat exchanger and induction heaters;
Max. allowable Pressure
Pressure Cookers

All pressure cookers: The design of pressure-cookers shall be subject to a conformity assessment procedure equivalent to at least one of the category III modules.



PED table 5

The PED Category calculator for fired steam boiler or otherwise heated pressure equipment is a useful tool to calculate the category. Once the category is determined, the conformity assessment module can be selected.

Note 1: Unheated vessels or pipes with temperatures > 110° C are not covered by Table 5 for the category determination.

Note 2: Fired or otherwise heated vessels or piping with the risk of overheating that are intended for generation of steam or super-heated water at maximum allowable temperatures TS > 110° C are covered by table 5 .

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