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PED Declaration of Conformity – Requirements

The PED Declaration of Conformity (CoC) is a document attached to the pressure equipment, together with the CE marking, is the official proof for consumers, end-user, purchasers or the market surveillance authority that the pressure equipment has undergone a conformity procedure and fulfils the essential requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive.

By drawing up and signing the EU declaration of conformity, the manufacturer assumes responsibility for the compliance of the product.

Who may/must issue the EU Declaration of Conformity – CoC?

The PED requires the manufacturer to issue and sign an EU Declaration of Conformity as part of the conformity assessment procedure (module) carried out. The manufacturer may also have this task carried out by an authorised representative established in the EU if the manufacturer instructs him to do so in writing.
If the original manufacturer is based outside the EU, the importer or distributor can also be regarded as the manufacturer if he places the pressure equipment on the market under his name. He then appears on the name plate as the manufacturer and also draws up the EU declaration of conformity.

When can the CoC be issued?

The EU Declaration of Conformity must be issued before the product is placed on the market.

Scope of the CoC

A single declaration of conformity is required whenever a product is covered by several pieces of Union harmonisation legislation requiring an EU declaration of conformity. This single declaration of conformity may consist of a dossier, e.g. for an assembly (together with other pressure equipments or machinery products in acc. to Regulation (EU) 2023/1230), which contains all relevant individual declarations of conformity.

Contents of the CoC

The EU declaration of conformity must contain all relevant information to identify the Union harmonisation legislation according to which it is issued, as well as the manufacturer, the authorised representative, the notified body if applicable, the product, and where appropriate a reference to harmonised standards or other technical specifications.

The EU declaration of conformity shall contain a reference to the PED and, where applicable, to any other harmonisation legislation on the basis of which it has been drawn up. In addition, the following points must be included in the EU Declaration of Conformity:

  • Details of the manufacturer (and, if applicable, the details of the authorised representative)
    • Name (official name / company)
    • Postal adress
  • Statement:  We declare that the Declaration of Conformity is issued under our sole responsibility and belongs to the following product:
    • Object of declaration (identification of pressure equipment or assembly allowing traceability; it may, where necessary for the identification of the pressure equipment or assembly, include an image):
      • A number identifying the product. This number does not need to be unique to each product. It could refer to a product, batch, type or a serial number. This is left to the discretion of the manufacturer.
  • Statement:The object of the declaration described above is in conformity with the relevant Union harmonisation legislation:
    • Listing of all relevant Union harmonisation legislation (incl. PED)
  • Statement:The following harmonised standards and technical specifications have been applied:
    • Listing of all relevant harmonised standards which have been fully or partially applied (refer the titled and date)
  • Where appropriate, the name, address and number of the notified body which carried out the conformity assessment and the number of the certificate issued, and a reference to the relevant
    • EU-type examination certificate
    • production type, EU-type examination certificate
    • design type, EU design examination certificate or
    • certificate of conformity.
  • Additional information (if required)
  • Sign for and on behalf of
    • place and date of issue
    • name, function, signature
  • (where appropriate, particulars of the signatory authorised to sign the legally binding declaration for the manufacturer or his authorised representative).

Language of EU-Declaration of Conformity

The EU declaration of conformity must be translated into the language or languages required by the Member State in which the pressure equipment is placed or made available on the market. If a translation of the EU declaration of conformity has been produced by another economic operator and is not signed by the manufacturer, a copy of the original EU declaration of conformity signed by the manufacturer must also be provided together with the translated version.

Whereabouts of the declaration of conformity

The EU-Declaration of Conformity must be made available to the surveillance authority upon request. The EU-Declaration of Conformity must be kept for 10 years from the date of placing the pressure equipments on the market. This is the responsibility of the manufacturer or the authorised representative established within the Union. For imported pressure equipments, the importer must take on this responsibility for the EU-Declaration of Conformity.

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