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Frequently Answers and Questions about the PED

What is the definition of the leakage rate?

The definition of the leakage rate is necessary to make requirements comparable. The term leakage refers to the unintentional escape of gases or liquids from enclosed vessels.There is no absolute tightness. It is therefore necessary to define a permissible leakage

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Is leakage of pressure equipment covered by PED?

Yes, whenever internal or external leakage of pressure equipment (i.e. leakage to atmosphere/environment) is a hazard due to pressure, it is covered by the essential safety requirements of PED. All hazards arising from pressure shall be assessed for the intended

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U-stamp and CE Marking

Are the ISO/TR 15608 Material groups comparable with the P-no groups ASME BPVC Section IX?

The ISO/TR 15608 Material groups are similar but not 1:1 comparable with the P-no groups acc. to ASME BPVC Section IX. The main difference between the two is that the ISO system allows any material within the scope of the reference standard to be assigned to a certain group, whereas the ASME system assigns a P-No. only to materials listed in the ASME BPVC Section IX or that have the same UNS number as listed materials. The two most commonly used grouping systems are provided by ISO/TR 15608 and ASME BPVC Section IX, QW-422. ISO/TR 15608 classifies materials in

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