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What means? – Sound Engineering Practice (SEP) in acc. to PED

“Sound engineering practice“ means that this pressure equipment has been designed taking into account all relevant factors affecting its safety. In addition, the equipment is so manufactured, inspected and supplied with instructions for use that, when used under foreseeable or reasonably foreseeable conditions, its safety is assured during its intended life.

PED Table 1
For Example: Table 1 with the SEP area

Article 4 paragraph 3 of PED stipulates mutual recognition of SEP of Member States in order to avoid barriers of trade. The level of safety is assumed to be sufficient in all Member States. So the equipment must in fact be safe.

The manufacturer is responsible for ensuring that the requirements of the PED with regard to sound engineering practice are complied with.

Certain pressure equipment with a low pressure risk falling into SEP classification (see tables in PED Annex II):

  • must comply with sound engineering practice;
  • is not obliged to meet the essential requirements of annex I relating to design, manufacture and testing;
  • is not subject to conformity assessment procedure (module);
  • Issue an EC declaration of conformity is not allowed;
  • affix a CE marking for such equipment is not allowed;
  • However, it must have adequate instructions for use and bear the identification of the manufacturer or his/her authorised representative established within the Community.

Information and labelling (prior to the placing on the market of pressure equipment or assemblies joined by a manufacturer to form a coherent functional unit) to confirm compliance with sound engineering practice (SEP):

The manufacturer must provide adequate instructions for use and affix a label identifying the manufacturer or his authorized representative established in the Community.
It is helpful if the manufacturer attaches a document to the pressure equipment which refers to the PED and shows that the requirements of good engineering practice applicable in a Member State have been complied with.

This can be realised, for example, by a declaration in the operating instructions, by a separate document (declaration) attached to the device or by an addition to the marking.

If a manufacturer is located outside of EEA (European Economic Area)

If a manufacturer is located outside of EEA may choose the SEP of one of the Member
States. SEP from countries outside EEA does not automatically fulfil the requirement
of PED Article 4, paragraph 3.
However, as a general rule, it can be assumed that the SEP of a Member State
is met if :

  • the product has been legally marketed in one Member State of EEA for many years, or
  • the product fulfils technical specifications recognised by one Member
    State of EEA.

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